generic lighting..

For the rest of you do you find yourselves using a “generic” lighting setup and render settings. Would you care to share your technique.

I can post a Blend file, but is the lighting, that you want, for Yafray or Internal Blender?

No I don’t… and I don’t think a lot of people do.

A good/simple one seems to be placing one lamp at an angle above and to the side of the camera as a main light… one less powered lamp behind the object and one aimed directly from the camera…

But I rather like using ao and perhaps two suns or spots.

A large portion of my lighting is setup like a photographer studio.

For product display, like a watch or a ring that you would see in a catalog, I create a large sheet of “paper”. It is actaully a white dull plane the lays on the floor and curves seamlessly up to form a back-wall. Then I use an area light with high samples to get a soft shadow, and illuminate the outter area a bit.

I use YafRay most of the time, and the World Color affects the lighting.

Example 1 Single Light source, white world
Example 2Single Light Source, Black world
Example 3Multiple Light Source, Creme colored world
Example 4Multiple Light Source, Black colored world, White Planes with 100% emit (just like a photographer uses, as flash umbrellas)

I was looking for an idea as to how I can great a product display setting… Spin, if you have a blend that I can look over that creates this effect that would be great. Blender internal or Yafray, which ever has the most realism to it.
Download lighting.blend
Right-Click and save. Rename the *.htm to *.blend My server sucks this way

lighting techniques:

wasabi and sping, thanks very much!