Generic Ork vs Generic Dwarf assisted by Noble… anyway, see for yourself!

Three comics pages in pencil!
Generic Ork vs Generic Dwarf assisted by Noble… anyway, see for yourself:
Three comic pages set in Tolkien’s kind of universe. Comments and critiques welcome!

How I would LOVE to see those animated!

These are awesome great work.
crit: The orc looks like he’s enjoying a nice sunny day trip in the first panel. until the nobelman waves to him. Which piss the orc off. Then the orc some how is able to grab his axe off his back by reaching his arm up in a very wierd position.

I think the orc should have looked hurried. They seem to always to slaves to something often their own stupidity. The nobelman should have pointed unless it was I can’t see who is that moment. The arm i think would have looked better with the palm facing the ear.

It is good, hopefully you will take it even further, with inking or other finishing touches. And hopefully more people will see it than just this thread.
Also don’t be shy about making wild designs for monsters, costumes, and such.

jessegp: Thanks! Position of the hand was premeditated… I even took the time to look myself in the mirror ;0) (I am not THAT ugly)

bookeater: Thanks! Those drawings are intended as penciling submission here and there… If they achieve their goal, then inking and perhaps color is in order

And now, something else:


Igor Knows!

This is (imho) one of the greatest Hollywood character creations! This is the way I see him!

btw: I hope that this is not forbidden use of this part of the forum… I just need some public for my drawings!

Those pages are awesome!!
Are you going to colour them at all?:smiley:
Oh sorry, you did answer that question…
But yeah, this is great; keep working.

Very cool drawings. The fact you use the mirror to get thing right makes you a good artist. :slight_smile:

Wow, you draw in the same style I do! This might be getting off topic a bit, but can you give me pointer or two on how to keep from getting bored? My problem is I just don’t have the real patience to finish a detailed work. =(

Well done.

@ Blenditall, @ bigbad: Thank you very much!!!

@ Dakka Dakka, Thanks for sharing the style ;-)… When I find an answer how to get motivated, I’ll tell you!!!

However, in my humble experience, it greatly helps when:

  1. You are being paid for drawing and the deadline is slowly creping in…
  2. When you are in hope that you will be paid and you need the money really bad!


:DDraw when you fell it!

Drawing when you are in sense of it make you better !

Found me some day felling that i wanna draw something then i discover the thing i don`t get it when i was bored !

So my advice! When bored listen some music!:smiley:

Or sketch forms!

On topic! :smiley:

I see some influences but nice style of drawing! Im struggling with perspective now and figure drawing! I know it is hard to make a face but after some sketching ill make it!

Maibe see my sketches an give me some critics :wink:


@ OneMan: I’ll be glad to look at your sketches. Point me to them!

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Nice panels, man. It would be cool to see them inked.

Well done! Some people do have artistic talent - you certainly are one them.

Cool stuff. I like 'em better without ink.

ristesekuloski > the link :wink:

no art school so be gentle on critics