genetic manipulation

for social science (a class called “maatschappijleer” in dutch) i have to make a paper. and i chose the subject genetic manipulation. i need lots and good arguments for my paper.

so i ask you: how do you think about genetic manipulation and why. are you against or do you think it can help humanity?

It depends on what reason genetic manipulation would be used on people, if its something like gene therapy then it’s good. But then again if it’s something like as I read once before of the future possibility to use it to build muscle strength for athletes to get an artificial performance in sports then it’s not so good.

In my opinion there are pros and cons on that issue…

Genetic manipulation could be used to cure diseases or solve food problems around the globe, but it could also have devastating results in the environment, our society and even our lifes, if not used in a moral way…

Some links I found on the subject:

thank you for that but id like to have arguments of you people. i just need opinions with a because.

A highly complex issue and not at all easy to answer:

MY pro’s & con’s:


  • I’d like generesearch/manipulation because there’s a chance to
    cure so called “uncurable” diseases.
  • I’d also like it because we have a chance to extend our lifespan.
  • And because it migth even make us immune to diseases.
  • Better children. (stronger workers, less need for sleep etc.)
  • Creating body organs for repairing our own or others.


  • We have a chance of actually destroying our genetic qualities over time
    because of things beyond todays science & knowledge. (lack thereof)
  • Experiments gone bad CAN create super-resistent viruses & bacteria.
  • Questionable ethics: We all know that in war every means can and will be used. Experience of world history will telltale on human nature. :confused:

Personally I think there are more to gain by genemanipulation because
I belive in our evolution. Sure we’ll have problems with pollution, worldwide diseases caused by overpopulation and abuse…but with innovation comes responsibillity…if we’re handicapped on what we can og can’t develope on…how can we possibly progress to save us from inevitability?

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actually I dun mind if the genetic manipulation is on humans… seems like they’d still be dumbasses!! HAHA

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Someone give this guy the nobel peace prize. With a few words he managed to not only write down his theory - but also to actively demonstrate why his theory is correct.

You mean an Ig Nobel, right? :wink:

My opinion on this matter varies from “yes, but…” to “no, unless…”.


yes and no.

every tech is feared by the first gen, but the next gen will be used to it.

and every technology so far has been BAD in the long run LOL.

lets go back to swords and pillaging of villages. they were the days.

P.s. KEEP GE FOOD OUT OF MY COUNTRY (don’t want it here thanks people)


You might want to watch the movie “Gattica”. Old style science fiction movie (not action and effects, but a possible story) about genetic manipulation.

so you say drop technology and lets go back to basics? that would be foolish because you loose valuable progress. the only way to start over again is to die and with us our civilasation.

about genetic manipulation. if you can help people that are already alive with it to cure genetic diseases i would support it but if it is used to create perfect baby’s id be against because you mess with nature and the kind of (im)perfection of human beings.
lengthening our lives is not wise because you create more problems with it like over population and such.

gr8hamster, it’s not a real good idea to get your views from bad science fiction movies.

We already have those, but not because of that reason, because we use the same drugs on them for such a long time they end up getting resistant to most of everything.

I don’t think we need to be working so hard to extend peoples lives. We need to give lives to those who don’t have one, not making sure every American lives to be 110. Genetic manipulation would be most useful, in my opinion, in helping fight world hunger by making more productive foods. There are so many people struggling to live past 4 while America and other developed countries think 70 is dying young.

That’s my two cents.