Genetica 3.0 Announced

The new seamless texture editor Genetica 3.0 has been announced! The new version adds seamless vector drawing, HDRI spherical panorama creation, and animated textures.

Here’s a video demonstrating the new features:


Animated normal maps, simulated GI for photoreal textures, animation itself, shapes.

This is going to be a must have, good thing I have the money, I wonder how the MapZone makers will respond to this.

wooot! wow, that looks awesome. seamless animated textures. and it looks like a drawing tool to boot.


And don’t forget Tactile Ink…

You do know one thing, why the heck do they expect people to shell out an extra 400 bucks just for animation capability and this is the early bird discount? Can’t they just maintain the old pricing structure.

Now it seems like they’ll go the way Maxon does it, Cinema 4D = a few hundred dollars, add Hair = $$$, add advanced particles = $$$, add highly advanced rendering = $$$

Texturemaker can do everything they showed in that video except for drawing with curves (just use inkscape). TM is only around $80 for a commercial license, and free for non-commercial use.

Thanks for the tip. I just wanted to add that Genetica 3.0 offers a fully non-destructive workflow, ie, if you modify one of those curves every shadow, bevel, refracted glass effect, and HDRI environmental reflection that was controlled by it is automatically updated to match the new design. The curves can also automatically drive height/normal maps that match your design. And our curves form fully seamless results without any extra work being needed, which is of use to those who are interested in vector drawing that is specifically tailored to texture artists.

When you say “And our curves form fully seamless results without any extra work being needed” are you saying that you are affiliated with the company?

nice catch, hunter

I’ll wait to see their upgrade pricing - even though this is so tied to .net that it will probably never work on Linux. Yes, I did ask, posting to their forums some time ago - no plans for linux.

Best of Luck!

Yes, I’m a developer at Spiral Graphics. I’m also a Blender fan and use the two apps togther a lot.

It seems to me the only reason you’ve joined this forum is to advertise Your only other post besides this one is also advertising the website, although it is a free texture pack. Maybe you should make it clear that you’re employed by them from the start.

Then can you tell us why the animation capability is worth the extra 400 bucks? A major new feature but you’d attract more if you just stuck to the standard and pro editions like 2.5, not add a new pricier edition whenever you go out hitting 3.0, 4.0, 5.0 ect…

Ditching Studio and putting animations in the pro version and just keeping the same price could possibly even make you more money among indies. Raising the price of all features included, big companies can afford it but indies aren’t made of money which they already had to buy pricey apps like Photoshop and plunk change to try the DEMO version of Modo.

Although I’m half sleeping and I’m frowning at the monitor, the proverbial jaw dropped to the floor and broke into a million pieces. Nice piece of software. Powerful engineering, very attractive GUI.
And Angela thanks for the tip, I’ll scoping the competition out (sorry CJO :wink: )

I dont mind this kind of advertisement, It is on topic, and very useful to blender users.Not like that jerk advertising shoes and dresses in the “news” thread.

BTW, texture maker dose not do HDR lighting, the Advanced shader editor uses an IBL system, or you can manually place 2 lamps.

Sorry I missed that part.

hi, i also advertise for spiral graphics.
i am only affiliated with the company because they allowed me to release all of their textures in .blend format.
my material library’s, hugely popular btw, are largely based on textures from the free versions of Genetica software.
btw linux users can sample most older Genetica textures through my library’s before setting up wine & installing the program if they like them.
so before you go yada yada yada ooh this is an ad,
so what?
this is news,
this is other software.
this is news about other software.
this company supports Blender users & it’s team use Blender also.
from the site.
Genetica Texture Packs are high quality collections of royalty-free seamless textures. Textures are provided in a procedural format that can be fully edited in the powerful material studio Genetica, or rendered and converted into standard images using the free Genetica Viewer.

Thanks again to the team at Spiral Graphics for allowing me to distribute their Textures in my Material Library’s.
they are good people.


I like this company, they offer their software Wood Workshop for free, it’s very useful for making tiling textures, not just for wood either. If I had the money I’d buy Genetica too.

Hi! I just wanted to follow up and say that Genetica 3.0 has gone into open beta, and you can download it here:

Hi! I just wanted to follow up and say that Genetica 3.0 has gone into open beta. You can download it here: