GeNiTale III

Yop so my last project in progress…

wonder, why nobody commented yet
just watched “genitales” part I and now part II…
dude your models are… sick … and beautiful …at the same time !!! :confused: Awesome modelling!!!
Dunno if this is the right forum section for w3d and c4d works, though…

keep it up,

The man’s got talent, let him post what he wants. I just hope this isn’t going to be like everyone going all over Howitzer that time he used Silo.

Anyway, I can only really say that, as a fellow artist, I can appreciate what you’re doing to get that amazing level of quality. Nice job. Hey though, have you seen the ‘bMesh’ project? Combined with the tool and event-system refactors, they might fix a lot of the problems you described with Blender’s modeling system.

Anyway, sweet work, keep it up.

Black Boe, don’t get me wrong, i don’t care 'bout the software he’s using, just don’t want this
thread to be closed or something 'cause i’d love to see more works of this gifted dude !!!

its likely that blender is part of his workflow which makes it good to post. unwrapping, rendering, any thing really. And even if thats not the case he’s been around here long enough to be community member for life. And should pimp whatever he’s got to pimp. It a community of artists that use blender doesn’t mean we should restrict it entirely.

@ cyann: what are your plans for this model? the mechanical parts look as if they really want to be rigged and animated:D would love to see some updates…

@jessegp: i’m completely with you - just was afraid that the mods might not…:wink:

Hi there, here my updates for my project to test blender SSS and blender sculpt mode…

And the drawing concept :

Creepy. Nice concept though.

Wowza, Pretty creepy, keep it up

Another great work by Cyan. Creepy, but not so much so that I want to turn away. Keep up the good work. :slight_smile:

Nice work… I’m waiting for the skin :smiley: (make it ssssssssssssssssick :ba:)

Material tests

I detect the foul stench of SSS! Well, maybe not so foul. Nice work on the materials (though I would suggest perhaps blood or something at each of the flesh mech joints?)

Also, add some wrinkles, scratches, etc. to break up the monotany of your current material.

Fabulous work so far!


If I have nightmares tonight its your fault. :evilgrin:
The thought of a hundred of those things scurrying along the ground chasing after me…“shudder” :stuck_out_tongue:

Ive also seen I and II and so far I like what I see, cant wait for your final render.

CyaNn: if you ever want to do a tutorial on your fantastic organic materials please feel free :slight_smile:

As for crits I think that the eye area could use a lot more work. I think it could use some lids and perhaps a hint of a brow. as for the eyeball itself right now it looks like a fake glass eye. If you could add some veins in there and some redness I think it would help.

Thats morbid. But it looks pretty cool. nice modeling. your SSS is to strong though

The next step

ugh…that looks grose! Bloody colors on the joints would make it better i think. Good work with the materials.

It’s good, but it still seems just a bit too gelatinous, you might want to down down the overall dispersion distance juuust a bit.

Yeah with the bloody joints