This dapper little sock monkey is my latest project- a miniature gentleman in a crushed-velvet smoking jacket, vest, and corduroy trousers. I created him over the course of two days, using a mix of procedural textures and manipulated images to get the feel of old-world elegance I was aiming for. A few tips and tricks I came up with when making this guy:

  • The Solidify modifier is great for making clothes. The jacket, vest, and pants all started as a copy of the appropriate areas on the monkey’s body, with the Solidify modifier applied after UV-unwrapping.
  • The Skin modifier was invaluable for creating stitches and the little tassels on the monkey’s head. It does require a bit of clean-up, but the results were well worth it.
  • The Cycles velvet shader can be expensive in terms of render time- a simple mix between two colors using Fresnel falloff can accomplish a similar effect with a vastly reduced render time.

As usual, comments and criticism are welcome, and you can download him under a Creative Commons license on Blendswap.

Great model, thanks for sharing Nick.