gentoo wallpaper

here it is
c&c please! :wink:

well – You certainy have a low screen resolution if this is your wallpaper :stuck_out_tongue:

The picture:

It’s pretty nice, if somewhat simplistic; I suspect that if you spend a day or more on this it will end up looking much nicer


eheh i render a 1024 version too
i really don’t if i’ll continue this or not; it’s nice because it’s simple, i tried to add some details but i didn’t like the result…
which details would you add?

Instead of making it more detailed, I would like to see it with just a solid black or white background. I think that would give more contrast.

I actually like it the way it is. The colors are nice, I like the shaders used on the logo itself. It’s very cool. Simple definitely does it justice!

Really nice! I like it a lot. Gentoo needs more wallpaper :slight_smile:


It’s pretty neat the way it is, but the bright blue in the center detracts from the image.

thx for comments
here other renders
i think that the first is still better :wink:

Where’d you get the font? Or did you model the text by hand? I’ve been wanting to do womething like this. I think teh logo should be a little deeper/thicker, and a bit bluer, and the spot softened some more, but otherwise it’s great!

i give a try :slight_smile:
all is made with beziers (no font)

gotta say then, nice job! looks just like on the gentoo site! wow I managed to type the instead of teh! I did it again! w00t! continues chattering pointless things at the wall