Geo Backpack🎒- Geometry nodes based based modelling toolkit (Full release out now!)

Full release is out now


Geo Backpack is a set of Geometry node based modifiers / node groups aimed at quick and procedural mesh creation and editing in Blender 3.1 . The node groups are specially designed with an aim- artists focus on art. You will not need to understand the inner workings of these node groups at all (if you don't want to).


Geo Backpack utilises the power of Blender Geometry nodes to its fullest to provide a convenient workflow to the user. These node groups can be used both in a node tree or in a modifier stack.


Because this pack is based on node groups rather than python scripting, it is a lot more stable and less prone to breaking after Blender updates.


You can get the pack on my gumroad

It costs just $5, but if you are young or cannot pay for any reason, message me here on BA and I will give you a free copy.


The pack contains 5 main node groups-
  • Smart mask
  • Volume solidify
  • Planar curve fill
  • Non-planar curve fill
  • Curve connect

  1. Smart mask - Similar to in-built mask modifier, but produces smooth edges using a laplacian algorithm.

  2. Volume solidify - Uses volumes to add thickness to surfaces. Friendlier to work with compared to the traditional solidify modifier.

  3. Planar curve fill - Fills a curve to create a flat surface along the average plane of curve. Supports intersection.

  4. Non-planar fill - The filled curve is remapped to the original position. Does not support intersections.

  5. Curve connect- creates a surface by connect connecting curve splines in the order of creation

These node groups can be used to do anything from concepting to creating a base to final render.

There are also 4 utility node groups-

  1. Object reference- import geometry from another object
  2. Collection reference- import geometry from all objects of a collection
  3. Assign material- assign material to a geometry. Meant to be used with the “curve” tools
  4. Shade smooth/flat- set the shading of a geometry

General instructions

See gumroad page


Render of character made for testing the modifiers

See the artwork for more renders


Ah, this is that Freaky Demo I saw recently… cool release. I look forward to your offering as it looked like it could be quite the boon to character clothing creation.
The question I had was about the thickness of the cloth material that was drawn compared to the mesh: can a material be ‘paper thin’ or does it have to have that water-at-the-line look? The look I speak of is on the first cylinder above. The second one looks less watery; the third is back to the look.

Thanks for your sharing. Looking forward to playing with it.

You can make a single surface mesh if you don’t use volume solidify

You can even use the in-built solidify modifier

I am starting an open beta! Message me to get a free version.

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Full release is out now! Get it on my gumroad


Comparison between GBP and inbuilt tools


EDIT: never mind it works now.

Thats weird, does this link work for you?

It does, thanks. Although, I went ahead and checked the old link again and for whatever reason it works now. Maybe there were just some server issues at the time I tried.

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Fast T-shirt modelling using smart mask

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