Geo Datas

A friend of mine is cheaf cathedral master in our town and while we were having a bear he told me, that he had scanned the cathedral with a laser, every 6 x 6 mm one point with x/y/z coordinates. Now he has a cd full of datas. „It would be great to have a 3d modell based on this datas“, he said and if I had interest in this issue. „Im interested, but I dont know anything about it“. „ Well make some effort to inform you“, he answered.

Unfortunatly I never worked with Geo Datas, neither im combination with blender nor with other programms. If anybody had infos about this issue, links, professionell articles, hints for specific software, it would help a lot. Certainly, Blender is my favorite progamm, but first of all I`m surching informations in every possible direction .


Isn’t that a point cloud? Try a search for laser scanning and point cloud

The tombs beneath the Vally of The Kings were scanned the same way. Amazing. Numbers are kind of stiff but if you like that sort of thing. . .

You need to be able to import that data into Blender. If the data isn’t ordered, I’m not sure how easy that will be to do. I did this sort of thing a while back where I had to try and load scanned medical data into a 3D program and getting the order of the points right was tricky.

Blender uses Python to import data so you’d need to get a script to load the points captured from the laser into Blender’s data types. If you’re not able to do it yourself then if you can upload a smaller data set of a small object, maybe some people here will be up for the challenge of writing a script.