Geo Node Gumdrops in Eevee

After seeing our guru made video (Introduction to the new Geometry Nodes in Blender - YouTube) about using geometry nodes to make gumdrops, I tried to get it rendering in Eevee. This is the result.

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I don’t really understand what feature of Eevee is giving me all this bounce lighting, if anyone wants to help.
gumdrop questionmark

It is not bounce lightning for sure. It could be some sort of SSS artifact. Hard to say without seeing your exact setup.

BlenderGuru_Gumdrop_eevee.blend (174.8 KB)

Here it is without the main light:

If you turn off Subsurf on Gumdrop material that band goes away.

I played with a few other settings. What seems to work is to increase Subsurface Scattering -> Samples in Eevee settings (20 does the trick). But the existence of the band still seems strange to me.

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Thanks I bumped it up to 20 and did a little compositing to make the colors stronger. Updated the render and .blend

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