Geo Nodes: "Eliminate" duplicated instances from other calculations?

I’m still working on figuring out geo node stuff to build bookshelves, warehouse racks, etc. with lots instances… :slight_smile:

I am trying to put objects on the shelves, but the “uprights” consist of 24 pieces per section, and when I’m trying to place the stuff on the shelves later with Instances on Points, I’m getting 24 copies for each… This instancing happens at the very beginning of the node set. Gets crazy when there are lots of instances of the shelves.

Is there a way to “eliminate” certain sets of instances from later calculations, or is this a matter of re-routing or re-structuring the nodes?


Have you tried the “Delete Geometry” node set to “Instance”?

I haven’t - this looks to be set up to remove random ones… I want to remove all from a specific collection.

You will have to find a way to select those instances that you want to delete, the index of the generating mesh is one way - if you know which indices to select.