Geo Nodes - How to increase the curve sample with the distance?

Hey !

I’m trying to get this effect on Geometry Nodes, i tried a lot of thing but can’t figure how to do that only in GeoNodes. I want to distribute point on a curve and have more point at the end, increasing with the curve parameter ? Is it possible ?

For now the only solution i found is to use a plane with an array controlled by an empty scaled down a bit and instance on the face. That’s working but not for the more complex project i need with some animations.

Thanks in advance :v:

You can try this setup here: The set position node changes all the points on the curve (which I resampled to give me the desired overall number of instances) where I derive the positions by sampling the curve. Sampling requires the curve parameter as input which I can manipulate as I wish, for example with the float curve node (but any mathematical expression would do).

Thanks a lot !

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