GEO NODES: How to take output of "instance on points" into a vector input?

Per the attached image, I have a bunch of geo cube stacks coming outta the vertices of a sphere. It’s good but the rotation is too uniform. I want to add a sort of wavy-ness into it, depending on the horizontal position.

How do you extract the individual instance’s XYZ location from the output of instance-on-points?

You already have this information as input to your instancing : you can capture the position attribute of the points right before the instance on points node. And then plug that into your separate xyz

From the mesh to points? Nope, If i connect the “points” output to seperate XYZ it goes red.

This is ALMOST what i want, it does give the instances a rotation, however, that rotation does seem to be fixed… turning the sphere, and thus moving the points around in space, does not make the individual instances rotate.

Do you mean rotating the entire object ? if yes that’s normal, geonodes evaluates in object space. You would have to use a transform node right after your initial group input instead. Or you can use another object’s rotation (object info node) to modulate the effect