Geo-Nodes Normal ... works with Point Distribute but not without

Fairly simple Geonodes setup in two versions…

With the Point Distribute node I can make the lillte pointy cones point outward in the direction of the normal easily, but without it, if I want a single point per vertex… very odd.

Is there a way round this?

We use duplifaces for creating long traintracks… and I would like to move to geonodes to allow for LODing, but the weird way that this works means I cant limit to one instance per vertex and have normal info.

In the left node tree, the geometry output from the point-distribution node contains position and rotation (derived from the face normal) data. This data goes into the point-rotation node and the position and resulting rotation are applied to the cones when they are point-instanced.

In the right node tree, the geometry output from the input node contains only position data. As there is no rotation data, it looks like the point-rotation acts on the default rotation (Euler 0,0,0). The point-instance node uses the position and wrong rotation when it instances the cone.

Normal/rotation data can be inserted into the nodes pipeline with the align-rotation-to-vector node.

For points, the geometry output from the input node contains only position data, there is no point normal/rotation. Other data does come from the input node, for example Face data (including face normal) but ‘point’ nodes won’t see this.

N I C E !

By the way, you don’t even need the Point Rotate node - it works … acrually slightly better without.