Geo-Resonant Orb...

Some more occult technology from the lost Meruivan Archive, this one was labeled:
Portable Geo-Resonance Test Kit, San Francisco, 1923.

full res:

I have done some research on this technology and I am fairly sure the object on the left is the semi-mythical universal field vibrometer, this device is kind of a holy grail in the occult vibrational technology community because it can produce wave forms in almost the entire range of the EM spectra at fairly low energy levels though, there are also said to have been larger fixed versions and also rumors that John Ernst Worrell Keely built one in the late 19th century but kept it secret.

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blender + luxrender, path tracing, 100 steps, metropolis, 15K s/p. :slight_smile:

What, no orgone accumulator?

What, no orgone accumulator?

Heh, that would be the wrong sub-culture :slight_smile:

A “device” like a “aorgone accumulator” is more of a new-age construct and also totally inert,
I am working with pre-particle model “retro-physics” which works with matter as a wave.

All this technology pre-dates the

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What’s this thing supposed to accomplish anyway? It looks like an interesting geometric figure, but how would you get something like that to work?

Nice modelling. I’m assuming the background is a photo?

In very simple terms, the Orb in effect “marks” a place on earth and stores it in the turning fork like thing on the right, this becomes a kind of carrier wave, next in conjunction with virbrometer you can mark someone as they are just about to die, this is also merged into the wave form stored in the “aegyptian-tuning-fork.” After their death you can use the Orb and Fork to get a rough Idea of where they will be born in their next encarnation, you can then use the fork to find the specific child this person was reborn as and when they are a teenager you can sometimes restore most of their memories using a “drug” called the “Red Powder of Projection” and very specific archetexural spaces. People can then over time recover their wealth and position etc, it was a common practice in VERY elite secrert socities going back to prehistory.

Here is a example of someone using the equipment, the orange clothing is a trade mark of a Meruvial technician, appearently it is designed to be as neutral as possible in terms of how it interacts with EM fields…

The backround is Grace Cathedral, from here:


Church window in the background looks very pixelated

ya the light map is too low res, but I wanted to use it anyway because I liked the symbolism, its not a “background” btw, its the light source for the whole image etc, really these kind of light probes are best used to provide good reflections, but I just liked the window and roof etc.

All this stuff is for a graphic novel so when I go to print they are going to need to be rerendered at higher res clearly, that might be a good time to fix the background.

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Nice render (without the cg-man), it looks photorealistic to the point of being unextraordinary.

it looks photorealistic to the point of being unextraordinary.

That is a nice thing to say :wink: thank you.

The man was not working out so I removed him for the final, to much of a close up for that model which I designed to be mostly for distant figures to give scale to a space.

I let it run for about 50 hours on a quad to see what would happen with the metal and glass etc, I was hoping to see how far I could go, 100 path depth is about the limit for a intelligent sampler, but using a pure random sampler I am told you can use path depths even as high as 10,000, which is something I plan on trying, it turns out metal really needs a lot of bounces as much or more so then glass.