Geo-Scatter 5.3

Tutorial :man_student:

Dear users
Check out this tutorial if you never installed a blender plugin, an asset library, or a biome pack!


I am a little confused here; If I already own Geo-Scatter and it contents? are the contents come with Geo Scatter the same as the “Plant Library” ?

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Hi @Jakroval
Check this out

From the release note :slight_smile: The improvement in the assets and biomes is considerable, it could be considered as a new pack all together

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Totally out of interest, as the Quixel Megascan library is now free, once you install unreal on the same account (not computer), why not having Quixel Megascan bioms ?
Yeah, might ask out of laziness doing it for myself, but maybe its something the people at Epic would support.

@RobertLe Unless there was a recent change, I’m pretty sure megascans assets are only free within the context of using them in UE

Well, they surprised me. I had an account, but recently linked it to my Epic account and now I have unlimited download option in Bridge. Not sure why.

This is why. If you have an Epic Games Content License, you’re allowed complete unlimited access to all Megascans assets, but only for use within Unreal Engine. If you wish to use the assets in other DCCs, you’ll have to get one of their paid subscriptions, which gives you points to spend on assets. Using the assets acquired for free, outside of UE, is considered a breach of the terms of their license.

As what I heard, we can use it in Blender; as long as the final product is done within Unreal? is that true?

Nothing more, nothing less…

Edit: see my seconds post below…

Be careful with subscription plans
As a user, the last time I tried one my “coins” magically “expired” thanks to the webapp terms of use

With the biome platform we try to push one-time purchase packs as much as possible
all are listed here:


Thanks for the clarification; Hope we can hear it of Epic.

Thanks for this, I really loathe subscription services and it’s nice to be able to have permanent access to the things I spent my money on.

I am on the Unreal Unlimited plan. Can I use tools other than Unreal Engine? – Quixel

here ya go… Short anwer, yes, you can use Blender, but the endresult must come form UE. :wink:

Sorry, but there is a simple logic:
The whole propose of Quixel Bridge is to deliver Megascan content to People who Do Not Use Unreal. It may be a grey zone on Mixer ne Atlas maps, but its clearly that Bridge has no relation to Unreal, especially as it existed long before Epic did acquire Megascan. I have read the terms years ago and paid for it.

Why the putting accounts that use Megascan outside Unreal on an Unreal unlimited level, when ever you just installed Unreal is strange, but as they removed all credit points, its absolut impossible to say, wether its now all free, or the invisible credits you bought,

Not sure on that.
Mixer is free for all for sure, no limits there for usage outside UE and/or Bridge.
But Bridge usage might be in a gray zone regarding ’ free for all to use’, but it is clear the end result of whatever you create in the end has to come from UE. It ts stated like that on several places on the Quixel website. As I posted earlier.
If not, there’s the subs for Bridge to use as you please.

This is imho the way UE and Quixel are explaining this. :man_shrugging:

‘’ You may use other tools at various stages in your pipeline, as long as the final product is in Unreal Engine.
If you want to use Megascans in other tools also, choose one of Quixel’s subscription plans.‘’

@RobertLe see it as a marketing move to insite people to use UE5
We did ± the same move when we released the plant library earlier this month

I guess they will drop the subscription at some point. Its easy to export from Unreal and who actually can judge if something is really Not rendered in Unreal and later composed? Even I did mixid content.

It’s not about “judging”, it’s about respecting the terms you agreed to
The same applies for laws :slight_smile:


Sure. No problem with that.

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Feedback Needed :recycle:

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