Geo-Scatter 5.3

Instead of having to manually select the emitter, it’d be really cool if the emitter was selectable by just clicking on the mesh. Can this be done? :smiley:

Got good news for you
it’s Already possible,
in your plugin preferences, search for “emitter switching method

But we do advise using a Dummy emitter (also called “Non-Linear”)
It’s best for performances to attach settings on non-heavy objects

Am I getting the workflow correctly:
With an empty emitter, I do the biome,
I can choose single object to add that biome to, or multi-objects to link that system to that surface/s instead? - this because it’s a more efficient way of visualizing your biome on the empty emitter first because its a smaller less complex geometry?

If that’s correctly understood I have another question:

Is it needed to have multiple objects in collections to be able to use that function? Instead of picking out certain objects from different collections? I don’t always arrange my surfaces from the scattering point of view.


Hi @C_G
we overview the multi-surface workflow in this video

By default, the emitter will always be the scatter surface, however, since 5.3 it is now possible to break this behavior, and use the emitter only as a way to store settings (3dsmax style) and use any surface’s you’d like
Geo-Scatter will automatically create the surface’s collection for you.

You can set the default surfaces used in the creation-operators settings

Ah, I totally get how it works now, very clever.
So the multi objects are still in the original collection - but then kind of linked into a scatter collection as well.



Objects can be linked in many collections simultaneously in blender

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Feedback Needed :recycle:

If you have requests, now is the time to speak! please join #-feedback on the discord


And not to forget: They have several subscription plans as well, so you can use them without using UE :slightly_smiling_face:

2 points per surface, 4 per model.

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