Geo-Scatter 5.3

Nice plan. The more we have something like forest pack pro in Blender the better!

I am planning on releasing the video a little bit earlier than that but I won’t have links in the actual video, just in the description and in a separate written article, where I can update the links with your blendermarket/gumroad info once it’s realeased.

That’s the spirit! Amazing. I’m all about supporting artists and developments but also for continual contribution to open source.

A potential additional use could be for be oriented scattering for objects like vehicles in a city. I always find that quite complicated in blender.

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Kinda true. You’ve simplified scattering worflow quite a lot, yet current scattering system is limited and lacking a certain crucial features.
I just wrote a proposal about that to bring up the issue.


That looks ver ynice. Can you write how you did that?
I’d live that in combainatin with graswald, or somehow just a generator for textures like those. But I don’t know how to make it so one particle system uses only one color, so one texture for multiple particle systems.

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Just use the addon on my lats posts :slight_smile: 3 clicks and that’s it, there’s a gif showing how it’s working.



the only thing id like to have is display object as point cloud and proxies

but well i think by dupplicating the entire particle system and replacing the high poly mesh by a low one, then some an adjustement system that let you tweak both of the render particle system and proxy particle system it could be done.

I don’t know if it’s a good idea to work on that if there’s proxies officially coming to blender soon ?

Nothing in To-Do and haven’t seend that mentioned anywhere so yeah, might be better to use some sorta temporal particle system or a Cube as a Render object with dimensions of the BBox of the items in the collection used for scattering.
Anyways, it’s a tiny no so crucial feature at the moment and it may be hard to implement.

Isn’t this what ou are looking for ? I don’t know when it’s going to be merged tho.

Nope, it is the proxy for animation itself.
A few days ago I worked on a task that would benefit from animation offsetting and its randomization for group instances, yet there’s still no improvements for that. So my guess it’s not implemented yet and it’s not a generic proxy for scattering system.

i’ll work on this “double particle system synchronisation” proxy hack then, with auto setting drivers it could be done easely. If i find no bugs in the process. I hope.

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I dont know if you are aware of it mate but there is a plugin for cinema 4d called Forester. If you dont have access to it maybe the documentation could help as its scattering features are really good Its called MULTICLONER. I have never used 3ds max so im a little oblivious to the forest pack etc. Just wanted to give you a heads up because your scatter script is cool and I can see it as an amazing addon.


You could take some inspiration from the ‘Skatter’ plugin for sketchup. Not as powerful as forestpack but still very good at what it does. You can for example scatter on surfaces, on splines or on points. You can paint scatter areas and you can also scatter stuff randomly, in grid,…


here you can take a look at the manual where you have a better sight at how it works

what is very interseting in skatter (and forestpack) is:

“Everything you do in Skatter is fully parametric. This means you can always go back and edit your work, even after closing and reopening SketchUp.”

“Everything you do in Skatter is fully parametric. This means you can always go back and edit your work, even after closing and reopening SketchUp.”

same with this addon, all i do is automatically changing the parameters


Update of tonight. Final form of the customizable slots. Look intimidating but (hopefully) the default settings will be so great that you will never have to get your hands dirty. (and if you need to get your hands dirty then you are not afraid by particles parameters i assume)

in short a lot of part of the code was re-organized, a new UI overhaul and [CTRL SHIFT P] as a scattering shortcut (that you can change if you don’t like, within the addon)

what should be the name of the addon ?

  • Auto-Cluster
  • Auto-Scatter
  • Scatter
  • Particle-Scatter
  • Particle-Cluster

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Looks great already :+1:

About names, remember that Sketchup has a plugin called Skatter :rofl:

But I’ll keep my up vote on Scatter

Great addon again, btw

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Another names for pool that would suit

  • BScatter
  • QuickScatter
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You’re doing a great addon.

A “forestPro-like” addon is some of the most reason I’ve read from users blocked to switch from 3dsmax to Blender.
I hope you’ll be able to make something similar. There is the whole archiviz scene waiting for this.

Have a nice development!


Forest pack and corona has special color input node for such purposes.
With current state of interaction beetween Procedural Textures to Node Editor is seems impossible to do. We have Texture Node Editor but there almost no info about how to work with it and seems like there’s no way to use with shader editor to color the particles.

So yeah, there are developer needed to bring missing features and interaction between these modes.