Geo-Scatter 5.3

The texture editor is just useless. What is the point of this editor ? really ? it’s not even working correctly…

okay let’s watch and wait. I hope i didn’t miss something obvious.


Amazing job, we are waiting for a proper scatter since long time. I tried something based on this topic : would make sense to bake the texture we use for mapping the surface? I’m using an erosion node from procedural toolkit, baking it every time a decide to change it completely but still be able to edit it with the color ramp for fast and live tweaking. With some sort of automated addon this might be a solution for now? It only takes time if the geometry is higpoly, baking is only on cycles but the texture can be edited in eevee as well.

This process will need to automate Baking and UV unwrapping . This is too slow to be automated. not interactive at all.

i will need to have some help from someone who know his code well for analysing bmesh and creating vertex groups automatically for particle masking. I was thinking of the dev of weighlifter addon. He already did all of this for his addon. He knows already everything it should be really easy.

I will also need someone who know how to store / use / import / export mass user pref data. i was thinking of raorao who did the pie menu editor. this will be a piece of cake for him. Importing mass user prefs could be great for creating an ecosystem. we could for example create specific particles parameters for andrew price grass esssential.

But now is not the time. I need to renforce the foundation first and see if my funding campaign will be successful or not. extra help will not work for free.

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I perfectly understand, thanks for replying. I’ll try to follow this topic as much as I can to learn more and maybe give some other ideas. Btw weightlifter looks amazing!

Okay. UI is evolving.

if you encoded your asset’s clustering settings in the “automatic slots” prefs, it will be recognized by the addon and the clustering settings will automatically be set up accordingly. if the asset is not regognized, no problem, it will use the current scattering slot.


i don’t know why but i find this UI good looking Good


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If you use modifiers , maybe a option to enable this for the particle system :grinning:

Sorry didn’t understood your request. (All i do is within the particle system i don’t use modifiers in this addon)

yes , but you can activate this inside the particles system :

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you need this if you use a displacement modifier or subdivision modifier etc… or your particle system is not following this etc…

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okay i got big script rework ahead. im going to change the user storage to an operator preset system. thanks to @AFWS


BD3D this is an awsome topic indeed! I am really interested in this one and generally in proxy at all. Ill get to this topic later on I am quite interested how did you handle scattering grass memory wise (considering that there are no proxy in Blender yet), just linking and instancing? Did you try linking collections from outside blender file?

Well i just automated the particles system ? what do you mean ? the proxy system is not build yet i only have the concept.


here a little file for testing (3.1 MB)

here is the script (50.5 KB)

  • Preset system is nearly fully implemented.
    (i just need a confirm overwrite dialog box. and maybe two next previous preset button on both dropdowns?)

  • Quick import export - go to file operator added

  • reset all values to default operator added

  • all automatically created particles system now use “use the modifier stack” option.

  • Implemented Automatic asset recognition UI only

  • Feedback is very welcome about how to make things more intuitive ?



maybe a small bonus scatter only from faces or verts , for quick add buildings, cars, etc ,just a idea

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Great job BD3D…
I can’t wait to get this full addon on Blender.
Here a small test, Scatter+Grasswald.


Once i have auto particle recognition i will made some presets for graswald and grass essentials. (as good as first image as possible) Hopefully andrew price will appreciate the effort and give me a little publicity for the funding


any good solution for scattering cars on road by the way ? could automate that too

Here is a good demo for car scattering
Obviously it requires quite special workflow.
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What do you think about this idea :

Nice progress so far!
I’m trying to test the script, and maybe i’m missing something but is there a way to have the particles and clustering settings update in realtime? Are those settings available outside the preferences menu?