Hi, I just stumled on this terrific program - Geocontrol. I downloaded the 1st ver. (a lot cheaper than the new one) and so far I am pretty amazed. The only thing I find annoying with ver. 1 is that it is not really great at texture exports. In fact, so far I can tell, it almost has none. So I guess I have to manually stencil map the whole terrain…

But nonetheless. I think it is worth the price. Check out the attachements (from the website gallery). They were propably rendered in Vue, Terragen or Carrara but with a bit of time and effort you’d propably get the same results in Blender, if not better :wink:

Has anyone ever implimented this program into their workflow? Is there anything else with this program’s power and price? - as well as ease of use! I know terragen, l3dt and Machine World. But they did’nt really get me hooked. Dunno, maybe it’s just preference.

Let me know if you’ve ever used it and what your thoughts were/are.

Thanks for your time!


never used it, never heard of it.
but, the textures must be there somewhere :confused:
try browsing through the program files?

edit:nvm, no textures