Geodesic Dome script 1.3

(serendipity) #1

The latest version of the Geodesic Dome python script is now available.

New in 1.3:

Buckyballs with everything, hexagons rule.
Squished domes.
Ellipsoidal domes without triangle distortion.
A join button, so you don’t have to do “remove doubles” all the time.
A few new organic style paneltypes.

Next up, a total rewrite because my code is too unwieldy (still learning, even after 18 months). This will probably take me even longer to to than this version.

If anyone does anything stunning with this script, please let everyone know.

(theeth) #2

Great! I always loved you script, it’s very fun to play with, and can be useful to create all sort of object.


(pannomatte) #3

Really neat stuff. Blender On.

(IamInnocent) #4

When you make a post, you sure make it count !


Thank a whole lot.

(S68) #5

Good :slight_smile:

I didn’t know that script existed but it is very nive :stuck_out_tongue:


(blengine) #6

cool! definitely fun to use…this is the first i heard of it too :wink:

(SKPjason) #7

Thanks Dude… been enjoying your previous versions… this one really rocks!!!