Geodesic Domes 2.0 re-release

Thanks to Andy Houston (Serendipiti) for permissions to modify this script!:smiley:
Brief list of current mods,
Add header, separate modules from .blend, Add GNU GPL License.
Add Optional Python Psyco Module for speed up.

What is Geodesic Domes?

for more information on this script &
Links Wiki: updated version in rar-archive on blenderWiki - Script update for Blender 2.45:
go to:
The new files & the old .blend is in the zip, Use the read me first.
Thanks again to Andy for writing this great script.
Any questions I will answer here if I can.
blender wiki team
provided as part of the combined effort to update & centralize scripts on the Blender Wiki 2008

I love the examples. Cannot wait to try this out.

I couldn’t find the download link, do you have to join something to download it?