Geodesic envmapping.

Again more from Andy Houston’s excellent Geodesic dome script.

Click thumbnail for larger vision.

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awesome dude, its like… crazy pseudo organic chess!

nice reflections, how did you do them?

:o ditto :o

I’d really like to see the blend file

This is s cool!!!

I have the script but as far as I remember you can’t make geodesic domes that are build of hexagons, I could only make domes that are build of triangels. How did you made it?, is it possible to make a Buckie ball?

have another play with it, its a great script, theres lots of stuff you can do with it.

Hi people, I’m glad you like this.

Methods used:- All made and rendered using Blender 2.25, so no recursive envmapping. Each dome has it’s own envmap, with the reference object an empty at the center of each dome. The checker board is a premade texture, which then has a blurred envmap applied with 50% Col rather than REF. The blurring is controlled in the texture buttons using the Filter value.

The background is a clouds texture if I remember correctly, in the world buttons.

I can’t seem to get FTP access to my site at the mo, but I shall post the .Blend file ASAP.

The hexagons are reasonably easy to do with the Geodesic script, I think you apply 2 or more different setups to the same Geodesic object. Sorry I haven’t got a copy running in front of me to check.

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