Geodesic not working in v2.57b

I’m new to blender, still working my way through the basics.
I have working fine in v2.49b , but want to start using Blender v2.57b as it seems easier etc etc.

Trouble is the script does not run, throws up errors on a print statement initially. When I commented that out, it throws up a TabError further down on an if statement.

Any advice on how to get this script/module working with latest release of blender?
I am a coder, but with little python experience and even less with Blenders way of doing things…though am learning on the fly.

Many thanks!

Not sure about that specific script, but Python is touchy about indent errors, class and function refs, ad-infinitum… Pretty much, find error, fix error, reload, repeat. Additionally, the difference between 2.49 and current 2.57+ is considerable - not just the upgrade to Python 3.1 either. Many developers took months off from working on scripts while the API was changing. It seems to be stable now but no guarantees.

it has to be ported to 2.57

i remember vaguely this script but do you have the link to this script
can you gie the link to it again!

i can have a look it might be easy to port to 2.5
but also look at the other addons in 2.57 it may already be included as a primitive
there are like 100 new primitives already done!

look at the add extra solid addon

i think the geodesic is already inmplemented in one of the choice there!

happy 2.5

Thanks for the replies.
Current version download updated version in rar-archive on blenderWiki - Script update for Blender 2.45: Geodesic_Domes_Mod.rar (2008.02.15) - script+binaries as archive file “.zip”
Direct Link:

I’ll have a look at the primitives, but I think the script gives you a lot more customisation options, which is the main reason I want to play with it!


hi, porting this script could be best after bmesh.
ricky, geodesic domes has been around for a long time now.
check my docs here:

ok remember it now and i found it on my hardisk!

and it has a lot of features which might not be in the 2.5 solid addon !

this script seems to be quit long

so if this need to be ported it will take some times

unless you can begin the porting it i can help along the way!

but right now i’m porting a script to 2.5 and it’s gone take me 1 week to test eveything
so don’t really have time to try this porting myself here sorry!

have fun with domes!

happy 2.5