Geodesic Script News (no release yet)

I’m way behind schedule and won’t be catching up till we finish moving to a moderately remote island (other half got a job there).
I have managed to implement a user defined strut feature i.e. you model an object, a bone maybe, and the script imports it and uses it as the basis of the struts of your chosen geodesic.
If you really need this one feature, email me and I’ll send you the script as it stands (about 20% complete, still mssing a lot that was in the original script). I think this would count as alpha testing, the thing is unfit for general consumption.
It also has a new GUI.

I can’t wait sir! I love your geodesic generator. How do the geodesic spheres generated by your program relate to Blender’s ‘icosphere’ ?

If you set it to Icosahedron and Point Up, you will get the same type of thing as a Blender Icosphere.
All the other types are different, to a greater or lesser degree.