Geodesic Voxel Binding

Do we have any chance to have this weighting method in Blender? I’ll buy Maya LT subscription ONLY for this, because it’s just the best weighting method i’ve ever seen and works really well with my low poly, separated models (like separated armor parts like belts, etc.)
(I know about this method from my question HERE)

I would love for Blender to be better at this - I just ran in to an issue like this about a week ago. I ended up making each piece a separate mesh, parenting them all to the armature/rig, and then adjusting the weights mostly by hand. For example, for one piece it might work to parent it entirely to one bone and no others, but another piece might need some custom weight painting over several bones.

A one-click solution like that would be amazing.

Thanks for the replies!

That’s great, the idea and algorithm seems simple (well, intuitive at least) but i’m not a programmer so i don’t know what about implementation difficulty in Blender. Well, good thing that it’s not an Autodesks-exclusive technique :slight_smile:

Hey @Sazerac, have you maybe digged into this? Is this doable to implement it into Blender, maybe as an addon?
Or maybe is there some special place where we (regular non-programmer users) can propose something like this to implement even as an official Blender feature? I think it would be amazing to have this in Blender.

isn’t it the same heat weighting blender already has?

I’m not sure of Blender’s implementation, but AFAIK in general heat based weight assignment and voxel based weight assignment are different thing.

First one uses bones and projects weights from bones to mesh around, while voxel weighting turns meshes into voxel volume and then weights voxels with bones and then transfers result back to meshes.

Still dreaming about this ^^