Geogica Close

Visualizations inspired by photos of an existing building designed by Bates Masi Architects.

Here you can see images in a high resolution (4K) with a lot of tiny details

At the beginning of the project was an attempt to recreate photos of very well-designed architecture in order to develop skills and try new technics, during the creative process.
However, as it starts to be typical for my training projects, I found new exciting camera positions. In addition to actual photos, I added a few shots, my original compositions. Also, I love to play with lighting and atmosphere once the scene is prepared, so I couldn´t resist trying a few different Hdri textures to lit the scene with. That´s the reason why you can find the same compositions here, but with different lighting.


The scene was created in Blender and rendered with Octane engine. If you have some questions about the project, Blender, Octane, or something else, don´t hesitate to ask in the comments or send me a message.


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