Geom Nodes: Can I transfer vertex colors to instances?

I was watching this video: and it appears to be out of date as several of the nodes it uses are no longer in the final Blender 3.0 release. I kind of got the height part working (well at least its doing something so I know I’m getting the vertex colors in to the editor) but I can not figure out how to transfer the individual vertex colors to the various instanced cubes.
Appreciate any help or pointers.

Solved the problem. The makers of the original video published an updated version that works with the released 3.0.
I’m not sure why in my version, I had to divide the index by 24 to get it to work properly, but hey, I got it to work. In short, I had to “realize instance” to make it real geom, and then you could set a material on it with an attribute for the color. The incoming vertex color had to be divided by 8 (or by 24 in my case for some reason) and that color was output as the color attribute used in the cubes material.