Geometric modeling on objects that are not aligned to XYZ

Hi all, i have a little trouble here…

In objects that are not aligned to any axis (X,Y,Z), when i want -for example- to extrude an edge in one concrete direction, the extrusion does not follow the direction, but the global axis. I mean, when i press E + X (extrude to the X direction), the extrusion becomes “warped” because it doesn’t follow the “object X axis”. I tried E + X, X but seems not to work.

Sorry if i did not explain fine, my english is very short… sorry

Already in version 2.45 you have a choice of different transformation orientations on the 3D area header : Global that you already know, Local which are the coordinates of the Object itself, Normal which is the normal of the selected element(s) in Edit mode and View. For the extrusion of a single face your best bet is normal: the Z direction should fit your needs.

At first use the widget since it reflects very well the orientation of the possible transformations ATM. Later you may want to use the keyboard shotcuts pour ces contraintes: après avoir choisi le type de transformation a… all right, that’s a good one LOL… as I was saying: …shortcuts for those constraints: once you’ve pressed S, G or R use X, Y or Z, once to constraint to Global, twice to constraint to the chosen transformation orientation. In your case G,Z,Z would be the useful one.

Soon Blender will become much, much more flexible when time comes that we have to model at an angle. See this development thread if you are (very) curious.


Hi, thank you for your help.

When you say ‘widget’, are you talking about the small green-blue-red XYZ axis representation on the view window’s bottom left?

I cant get Local or Normal modes work as i need… Is there any way/technique to select a mesh and get it aligned to a given axis? This may be a partial solution…

Thank you.

Watch this small (200Kb) video.
You may have to wait 10 seconds for the advertisement to go away.


Jean, you made this video just for me? Seriously, i did not want to bother you, thank you very much for your help and for your time. Now i understand the workflow and realized the reason i was doing it wrong.


Alvaro G.

So it wasn’t time lost.
It takes 10 minutes and will get the job done for every time the question will pop-up.

Have fun.