Geometric Riddle - solved -

I recreated a riddle from a book in Blender:

The following two images show the top view and the front view of an object. As you can see, both views are exactly the same. How does the object look like? Describe it or better post a blend file!

I hope you enjoy solving it. :smiley:

EDIT: Subject
riddle answered. (I think)

Nice try. But your answer is just a trick. :wink:
My object could exist in reality, e.g. made of folded paper. The visible lines are real edges, not virtual polygon borders within the same plane.

is this it? here is the blend:

Edit: By the way Usagi, that isn’t from the usagi yojimbo ronin samurai bunny comics is it?

Closer. But as Kid’s, it uses virtual tricks and couldn’t be folded from paper.

Edit: By the way Usagi, that isn’t from the usagi yojimbo ronin samurai bunny comics is it?

It is indeed. :smiley:
Moreover, rabbit is my asian zodiac sign.

Shweet, usagi yojimbo is awesome! :smiley:

Edit: I will try and make that out of papaer, the model it so I get it right :slight_smile:

BTW, it’s a solid object with well-defined inside and outside. Paper was just an example. It could be carved out of wood as well.

I friggin" give up! I have been working on this for hours, aaarghh! I need a break! Ya, no luck yet :smiley:

i think i’ve got it.
i don’t know what comic are you talking about, but i was so good in technical drawing… (i hope not be showing off…)

Not so sure I see what is so complicated about it. Here’s the .blend, that is, if I got it right. Maybe there’s something I missed.

paroneayea, yours cannot be right because

  1. your model’s faces aren’t flat
  2. you have extra edges

here’s a solid figure that could easily be carved of wood :slight_smile:

not sure if this is right… seemed simple to me :slight_smile:

Mine doesn’t draw exactly the same in wireframe mode, but I believe it satisfies all requirements.

edit: Bah! Blenergetic beat me by meer seconds! :<

edit again: Looks like me and Blenergetic were wrong. see my second solution, page 2. (link to first solution removed).

haha! we just posted the same thing :stuck_out_tongue:

hmm… this DOES have polygons on the same plane tho :\

yeah that one edge on the front face kills it. a real physical model wouldn’t have that edge there.

OK! now i got it. here is my second solution

Ah, you’re right. And I guess there was something I missed then :wink:

Very good, sketchy. Your’s is the correct answer. It can be made of paper, wood etc., has real physical edges, and hidden edges are exactly behind visible ones. All other solutions so far had “virtual edges” or the front and top images weren’t exactly the same but upside-down. I hoped it would last a little longer, but naturally blenderheads have a strong spacial sense.

If you know similar riddles, feel free to use this thread to post them. You may also start your own of course. Looking forward to solving some (or at least trying to). :wink:

Thanks Usagi. That was alot of fun. I’m going to pass that puzzle on to my friends and watch them suffer :stuck_out_tongue: .