Geometric shape as bevel for a bezier circle?

I can only see how to use a bezier curve as a bevel object for a bezier circle. If I wanted to use a simple mesh, e.g. a square, is there any way use that as the bevel object instead of a bezier curve?

Once I have this working I would like to use a much more complicated, but sharp edged shape, as the bevel object. I’m open to other techniques of course!



:edit: I just noticed you can force a bezier circle to use straight edges - so I can use that to creat the cross section…however, the only way I can view the intended result is to conver the main bezier curve to a mesh. That’s not ideal since I cannot see the correct progress as I work on it with converting and undoing constantly. Any better methods?

One of the things I like to do is create the shape with a vector program (Illustrator or Inkscape) and export it as an .svg. Once you import it into Blender it comes in as a bezier curve that you can extrude and bevel.

Thanks, I’ve been meaning to learn Inkscape for a while, so that might be a useful way to kill two birds…