Geometric style Lighthouse scene

Just in case… yes, it is intended for it to look jaggy and low-poly, reason why the style is called “geometric”.
The emphasis is on colors, themes, and composition.

  1. I find the upper left area too empty. But I can’t think of anything to add there.
  2. I might try an earlier time of day just to see it with a light-blue sky instead.

Any ideas/comments/observations/critics?


You might try raising the lighthouse above the horizon to fill that empty upper left space. Or chage the camera angle to accomplish the same thing. The lighthouse appears to have guy wires holding it to the ground. Is this intentional? I have never seen a lighthouse with guy wires.

Orinoco, thanks for the suggestion. I’ll give it a try.
As for those wires, I had just seen them from a photo found by Google. This photo also shows them. I couldn’t find that original photo with many wires, this one only seem to have 2. I thought of adding them just to add more detail to the lighthouse.

Well, well, well. First time for everything I guess…

I expect they need the wires in this case because this lighthouse is built of wood rather than stone or concrete, and is set on what looks like a wooden wharf or pier rather than solid ground. Live and learn. :eyebrowlift:

I would suggest a nice little sailing ship for the top left corner. As for the lighthouse, maybe a bit thinner wires and some of those triangular collored flags.

Thanks a bunch for your suggestions BlackBart :slight_smile: I like both ideas, especially the sailing ship. I’ll implement them in my next modification.
For now this is what I have so far…

I might try again a sunset. For sure I would like to try a setup and colors like the ones in this photo:

Mmmm, the more I look at this lighthouse the more I like its architectural design… I think I’ll replace mine with this one.

This is what I have so far…

Less myst now.


Good job. Saw it on Blender Nation. Nice.

It looks nice and clean.
But it seems to me, that out-of-focus blur is superfluous here, maybe extending the horizon farther would do for perspective (even more so, when the point of view is placed so high; also, maybe, making the horizon a bit arched, as if earth curvature is seen, could look funny). Another thing is edge between grass and rocks: it seems somewhat too soubordinate to polygons, might be making it more straight or adding some kind of rim between them would look more natural.