Geometry and Modifiers Nodes were already in blender ? the free addon: SVERCHOK

i just want the community to start the conversation and maybe track some attention to this, because the team at blender is trying to reinvent the wheel , while sverchok already has all those features, maybe they should just add sverchok to blender, it is already very stable


and here are some of the masters of sverchok addon you can see the artwork they do with sverchok in twitter:

adding SV to blender
Do sverchok running on C already, as fast as possible?
Do SV have simple in-out single route for geometry?

Yes, SV can. No, SV not so simple as modifier nodes.

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To note, everything nodes will cover a lot more areas than Sverchok. A port of the addon to C can’t be done instead as ‘geometry nodes’ is just the first piece of a much larger system (ie. a unified design with common concepts and functions).

Can Sverchok be looked at for inspiration and ideas at least? Of course.

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