geometry material connection

Hi folks,

maybe this is too trivial, or I’m on the wrong web site at all.

I want to animate soccer scenes. So I have 22 players which to all share the same single geometry. One is real, and all other are linked to it. But now, I want to assign different materials in order to make 2 teams. Isn’t it possible to assign each object a unique material, no matter were the geometry comes from?



it depends how they are linked, if they are particle instances ,like boids, i am not certain how you would assign seperate materials.
however if they are just linked meshes, as in you dulicated them with ALT D then you can simply go to your materials panel and switch the material info from data to object (little drop down panel next to the materials name in the properties tab) do this for each member of the other team, you can then assign different materials to one player of your second team, select the whole team then press Ctrl L and select materials from the make links menu

Thank you very much, this works perfectly!


:slight_smile: your welcome.