Geometry Node .. 3.0.0 Release Candidate missing nodes

Does anyone knows why my version of Blender 3.0.0 Release Candidate … Geometry Node editor can’t find some of the nodes this author ( ​ @Manu Järvinen ) said should be there …

Eg. Missing nodes (shows as Undefined in GN editor)
Random Value
Float Curve
Mesh to Points
Geometry Proximity

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My version of this, downloaded two days ago, includes those nodes.

I would recommend downloading again to make sure you have the current RC. If you want, you can compare the hash to the version you’re running to check, by using help->report bug (but if there’s not a bug, don’t submit.) My own hash is rBd2e608733507 .

ok @bandages. I will check again … I don’t know what you mean by hash … my downloaded blender file has this number. blender-3.0.0-candidate+v30.3788003cdaeb

If you use help->make bug report, it will open a bug report in your browser that contains the hash that particular build of Blender. The hash is created from the build and is unique to each build (for alphas/betas/RCs, the version number is not necessarily unique to each build.)

ah ic … so like below. Mine hash is different from yours … I will download again latest … go with the “3.0.0 stable version” hmm 3 of them … wonder which is latest.

Broken: version: 3.0.0 Release Candidate, branch: master, commit date: 2021-11-30 14:40, hash: rB3788003cdaeb

I uninstall blender and install 2.93.6 (latest) and also install 3.1Alpha latest. Both still does not have those “missing nodes” I mentioned earlier recognize (undefined) in GN editor. Is there a way to “reset” to default GN editor or some settings ? Will logging a bug make sense in my case?

You could file a bug report, but my guess is that they’re there. What exactly are you doing to try to create this nodes? What do you mean “shows as undefined”-- what shows as undefined? If you make a bug report, you’ll need steps to reproduce your problem, and if devs can’t reproduce your problem following the steps you’ve provided, they’ll just close the report, so you’d have to write that out anyways-- might as well do it now.

Those nodes aren’t present in 2.93.6, btw, or else act differently. You shouldn’t expect them in 2.93. If you’re running Blender, check the splash screen to make sure you’re actually running 3.0 (or 3.1). I can’t promise that 3.1 has them, as I don’t have 3.1 downloaded.

@bandages Hi again …
I just installed 3.0 stable version today.
same “undefined” in GN editor … see below screen shots of this error, versus what is expected based on the author of this GN setup.
Hmm wonder if I can have anyway to check why these nodes are missing/undefined.

hi @bandages,
It’s ok … works now. For some reasons, I have to “add” in those nodes in 3.0 Stable version … and remove those nodes with defined error. It won’t work if I reload the same file over and over again. I suppose Blender remember them as error nodes and con’t to be the problem even if I reload the same file.
So can close now.