Geometry Node and or vs Animation Node

Hallo everybody,
with the new Geometry Node I can no longer understand the differences with the Animation Node.
When use Geometry Node?
When use Animation Node?
Or the do roughly the same things?
And the can use maybe in conjunction, in some cases (Which one?)?
I am primary interested in Mograph, but anyway, a good explanation about what are the differences and when is suggested to use one rather than the other would be great!

thanks a lot for a reply :sweat_smile:

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At the present time, both are going in specific directions. One for managing geometries in place of using modifiers. The other one is for animating about anything anyhow.
However, if I understand correctly what’s the plans are from the devs, both should be joined in a near future as ‘node for everything’ replacing current modifiers, constraints etc… I maybe wrong but it’s what I keep from following the development discussions…


I recently noticed many tuts about dealing scattering in the Geometry Node.
I hope we can finally use this node in Blender to create any sort of scattering effects, i.e. stating with grass…, hoping that the software in the hope that the software does not crash as it almost always happens when using scattering add-ons …