Geometry node apply to extra mesh


I have just started on understanding Geometry Node.
I am trying to extract the mesh generated from a geometry node.
For large geometry (with many nodes) it can create huge file - >1.5GB file size as an example when I apply the “Modifier:Geometry Nodes”.

I suppose due to the huge mesh generated, it takes forever when I then try to go to “Edit” mode. My intent is to delete off those mesh I don’t need.
So my obvious choice I think is to first “reduce” the mesh complexity hoping I can edit fast on my computer.

So I try to “reduce” mesh using “Mesh>Clean” but it always takes a long time (>30 mins) and still running, and then crash. I tried a few of the “Mesh>Clean Up” option such as “decimate geometry” and others … all of them just run >30 mins (hog up my computer) and then crash.
My computer is pretty high end … just bought earlier this year just for learning Blender :slight_smile:

My question is … is there a way to “apply” only specific part of a huge “geometry node” setup that has many many groups of nodes?

Or better still an easier and faster way to extract a “specific part” of the geometry node generated into Mesh?

Any tips … ??

Have you tried F3 - “Make Instances Real” ?

Hi Yogyog,
Sorry was rendering a heavy scene … took a few days of work.

Thanks for advising on this method. It seems to be the same as applying the geometry modifier. My computer runs forever computing .

In seems to me this F3 - “Make Instances Real” (all Ctrl-A>Transform all) basically has the same results.

Well I did finally solve “long time processing” problem by isolating/separating out the nodes to make it smaller in the “Geometry Node” setup workspace. Using either methods does produce an extracted mesh that I wanted but it loose the “texture” effect eventhough the material remain in this new mesh. But I do notice the mesh geometry on the new mesh is a lot “denser”. See diagram below.

So any clue how to put the material/texture work again on the new mesh?

fyi: Left is a simple cube with geometry to create this “foxglove” flower.
The right is the result of a mesh extracted using either of the 2 methods above.
For simplicity I separated out the new mesh so I can get individual “foxglove” flower and then apply same material again (using the tube petal below) but somehow the result is still “green” instead of the Tube petal coloring.

The difference is…

You know when you alt+d make instances and they all share the same mesh? When you Make Duplicates Real you get a lot of instances of the same mesh which is a lot less memory, file size, graphics cards like multiple identical objects, etc.

Thank You … I understand now and solve this problem !!
Now I can extract nice “instance real” that is exactly “look a like” and like you said processed faster :).