Geometry Node Fields - Install

I’m seeing about 500,000 tutorials on YouTube related to geometry node fields. I do what they say, I do what they do, but of course I always get the magic downloads that don’t have geometry node fields. I even went specifically to an archived 3.0 build that was specifically titled with geometry node fields. No fields. I went through the same thing with the asset browser - downloaded an archived build specifically titled with asset browser, and voila, no asset browser anywhere to be found. This does not happen to anybody else on Planet Earth. Only me. Any suggestions? It’s getting to be very time consuming, downloading version after version and ending up on these alternate timelines where even the title of a build does not apply to that build. Where are these things hiding? Anybody else can simply pick a download at random and everything they need is right there. But I’m not anybody else. I can only do magic downloads where the features I need are surgically and silently removed.

Are you enabling the developer extras?

In Preferences, Interface tab, check the Developer Extras button, then a new tab Experimental appears, go in there any enable the new features there

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You have solved the problem completely. Future generations will erect memorial statues to your memory. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Why is this never mentioned in ANY video???

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