Geometry node, get global position

I have been enjoying and learning how to use geometry node for a couple of days now, I have however reached a problem that I was unable to find a solution or an answer for.

Is it possible to get the global position and modify it in Geometry node instead of local position?

(Also just looking into it for a few days, but) Add (Node) → Input → Object Info Location Original / Relative (?)

From my tests, Object Info Location Original/Relative still works using local position with original using the local direction and position of points while the relative is using the local direction and position of the original geometry. I am trying to find the World/Global position

Oh yes, and it’s wrtten in the tool tip (i have to look more on them):

Original: Output the geometry relative to…

Are you trying to get the “position” attribute in world space? To do that you need to add the location of the object to the position attribute:

Unfortunately, you have to change the object in the object info node manually for every object you add the node tree to, as at the moment there’s no way of getting the current object.
Hope that helps!

Thanks, I was now able to get the desired result.

The points are instantiated based on the normal direction of the plane and using the cylinder I can move them up and down with animation keyframes.

I would think there is or at least should be an easier and smarter way of doing it and would love to get suggestions on how to improve on it.

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