Geometry Node - how to get random whole number 1 to 4

I am try to learn Geometry Nodes… try out one of the Q&A on Geometry Nodes to simulate below. My problem is I can’t figure out how to generate a “random number” of 1 to 4 (integer) to rotate the piece of wood (object) on the vertex on a plane correct at 90, 180, 270 and 360 respectively. Any help please?

What I like to achieve

But what I got so far …

a random float between 0 and 3.99 then floor func multiply by pi/2 (because radian not degree) rotating on z

Playing around with this hmmm… because you wanna change the orientation (rotation) based on position… there has to be done something more…
The node Attribute Randomize is weird. You can create a some new values (here RandNum) but there is no output ??? But anyway your solution isn’t usable here in thsi way i think . :thinking:

(some hours later:) Thank you i learnt something today.
You were almost there and i said it radiant not degree, your Attribute Random node should min-max between 0 and 4*PI and the Attribute Vector-(change)-node should multiply by PI/2:

Thank You Okidoki. Hmm never would have thought of using radiant instead of degree.