Geometry node .. How to random pick object in collection

Hello ! A little question to the geometry node expert ! when you put a collection info to instance on point, it always pick in the same order the objects from it… I can"t find a way to randomize the way it pick objects in the collection …
So if I use two time the collection in a node tree the objects appear exactly in the same order which is annoying… there is not a seed value or something like that

Any ideas on how doing this ??? thanks in advance !

When the instance index of the instance on points node is left disconnected and pick instance is on, the instance index will implicitly receive a stable id. To instead randomize it you can plug a random value field there. The range of the random value should go from 0 to at least the number of different objects you want to instantiate - 1 so all objects get a chance to be instantiated.

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Woaww okk great ! thanks :slight_smile:

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