Geometry node will offset a collection

Hey folks,

For some reason, collections aren’t behaving in Geometry Nodes correctly. Anyone notice this? If a single object is selected, no problems, but if a collection (even using the same object) is selected, there’s a weird offset.

Grass test.002.blend (855.7 KB)

Thanks everyone!

You gotta set the center point of your collection, it’s offset by the distance to the origin (the default center point)

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Hi SterlingRoth,

For some reason I can’t set the collection origin point? I can do it per object, but not the collection? I’m sure I’m missing something obvious. HAH!


Click on the down arrow to see an option to set the center point / offset of the collection.

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OH MAN! That was SOOO buried! Thank you for finding it. I was faffing around with the instance offset, and finally found it under the Object Properties tab in Orange.

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