Geometry nodes 3.0, difference from the older version

As you know they updated geometry nodes in blender 3. In 2.9 I would add the geometry nodes and use a cube, and point distribute and a few other nodes and I was able to scatter a collection of space station parts into a debris field. None of the parts touched each other and was very quick to do. The new geometry nodes, has so many parameters very hard to know which nodes to use to get similar result. (definatly more powerful though.)

ANynbody have any ideas or node groups that does similar?
I posted some tutoriasl I found on youtube and what I learned about geometry nodes on Geometry Nodes | DigitalTreats but still can’t replicate what I did simply with the old version.

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These were fun to explore. The new nodes :frowning: not so fun yet.

I found this post because I have the same question.
This kind of exploded view of objects from collection really can’t be created with the latest geometry nodes?