Geometry nodes: change instance origin?

Hi folks,

I’m googling about how to change the origin of an instance in geometry nodes and i’m finding some very complicated node tree suggestions of how to do it.

But it seems to me to be very simple using the node tree pictured below (the red encircled part is the setting of the origin) and also the Blend file is attached.

Or is this a very “expensive” way to do it and should be avoided?


origin.blend (862.2 KB)

The instance on a single point in the red circle is superfluous and not needed.

You can pre-transform with object transform or post-transform with instance transforms…

…note the order of transforms are different, but both give the same results.

Good luck.

Thanks man!

One thing that is confusing me is that in your pre-transform example, if i rotate using the left most transform, it’ll rotate around a point as if the origin has moved along with the transform (-0,5, 0.5, 0).

But in the next transform in the chain, the origin point (when rotating) has moved back to the original point.

Can’t quite get my head around that!

Experiment a bit and you’ll get it…

… Switching in this example will give the same result and shows that the order of operations of the transform is scale->rotate->translate. So, in this example it rotates around the origin and then translates, whereas in the previous example it translates first, then rotates around the “new” origin.

Hope that makes sense.

Good luck.