Geometry Nodes countdown timer (blue)

Okay, nothing spectacular here, but I was working on a countdown timer for a livestream we’re hosting at Sketchfab later this week. And since it was blue I figured I’d share it here :wink:

The trickiest part was handling the trailing zero for seconds 0-9; I ended up creating a separate geometry for both cases and using a scale transform to hide the one that I don’t need.

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it’s interesting

geometry node is a lot of fun and engaging

It sure is! I do enjoy figuring out how to use it for tasks like this.

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Neat! You can simplify it and solve the leading zero issue like this:

Explanatory “truth table”:

input x 0.1 to string replace "." with ""
5 0.5 "0.5" "05"
9 0.9 "0.9" "09"
25 2.5 "2.5" "25"

Thanks, I’ll give that another look tonight! And your setup gave me some more inspiration to make this reusable.