Geometry nodes: create random variations of your instance?

Hi folks,

This is probably really easy, but i can’t work it out!

Please take a look at the image below (blend file also attached, made in 3.1 Alpha).

In it you see i have grid of 4 UV spheres, and this is instanced on to a bigger grid.

But imagine that i want some of the instances to have 9 spheres, others 6, and others, 4 etc. So i need my grid (circled in green) on which the spheres are instancing, to have a random (but clamped) number of x & y vertices for each instance.

Problem is, i can’t attached a random number to the inputs marked by the red arrow.

So my question is: how does one instance an object that itself has some built-in random variation?
I mean, how do you create that variation?

Any help or pointers greatly appreciated!

ran_num.blend (833.9 KB)

Any ideas, folks?

Surely this must be possible! :laughing: :rofl:

I believe it is not possible at the moment (maybe someone smarter than me can prove me wrong…) so we just have to wait until a later release :man_shrugging: