Geometry Nodes: How to get only a single random point?

What would be the best approach to get a single random point for distributing only 1 object on the face of another (like a single chimney on a roof)?



Mesh Line with a count of 1:

What can I do if I wanted to put a random point on the roof mesh itself?

I generate a slanted roof with nodes and need to randomly add a single chimney on one of the roof points.


This may be not the most efficient way to do it, but it works:

  1. assign the roof to a vertex group

  2. use this vertex group as an input to the Geometry Node Tree

  3. Select the face belonging to this vertex group, scale each corner with a random amount between 1 and 0 and divide the sum of these vertices by the sum of the scaling factors. This yields a random point on the face (not necessarily uniformly distributed)

random_chimney.blend (106.5 KB)

Cool stuff. I will try it at once. Thx again.