Geometry Nodes: How to reset rotation pivot point? (After using Transform twice)

Is there a way to apply Transform node twice in a row and maintaining the original pivot point? I’m attaching a simplified example of the issue. Once there is a second transform node on a geometry, the pivot point gets reset to 0,0,0.

Any tips will be super helpful!

When rotating with the first node, everything is fine:

When adding one more however…

pivot_issue01.blend (910.9 KB)
The file was made in Blender 3.2

Ok, one workaround is plugging the translation at the very last Transform node in the chain. But it doesn’t always solve the issue.

Order of transform is very important.

This is what a rotate about origin (or “pivot point”) node-group looks like:

… Inverse translation moves to (0,0,0), then rotate, then move it back. Hope that makes sense.

To confuse matters

… this is equivalent, because internally Blender applies the Rotation Before the Translation.

Good luck.


Oh, I think you can’t imagine how exciting it is to get finally some advice on this and the information about the order of operations, this I haven’t thought would be fixed, but it makes sense. Thank you! I will test it

Apologies, had a closer look at what you are attempting and in your case it would be a lot more convenient to make an instance and use the Geometry to Instance node, like so:

… since Rotate Instance has a Local Space setting, everything becomes simpler (Order matters less… can put Set Position after Rotate Instance and it will still work the same).

Good luck.

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Ahahah, I didn’t know the Geometry to Instance node, that’s a handy one!

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