Geometry Nodes in 2.92

I didn’t think you could have 3 levels of nesting for particle systems. So you must be pushing the GN system harder somehow. In fact you can’t even have 2 levels of nesting with obj instanced particle systems.

Sorry saw this now:

Is it the same if you apply the GN just like the particle system before the next step?

Hi. I have a small setup to scatter grass in my scene:

I have some roads on top of my mesh (grass) and I would like to avoid the grass where the roads are.
Is there any workaround to add my vertex weight map to the GN and make the grass scatter outside the road area?

Thank you

Yes - you should put the name of the weight vertex group in the point distribution node where it says “Density Attribute” - you have the word ‘grass’ there already I think - is that the name of your vertex group?

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When I try to apply the GN node everything just disappears. No other modifiers.

Do you know if the Vertex Group could be driven by vertex paint? Not sure if that’s the real term.
I want basically to paint on my mesh (blue to red map) and then have my GN adding grass only in those parts :slight_smile:

Yes. Just make sure you put the correct name of your vertex group - the red/blue is the ‘weight painting’ - in the node shown on my screenshot. My example is just the default name, ‘Group’.

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Thank you so much!

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Probably you are looking for something like this approach

Yes actually :slight_smile: but I guess its the same workflow as pointed out by @lordgert
Thank you for the link :slight_smile: