Geometry nodes in blender 3.1 is missing mapping attributes

I was watching some displacement tutorials, but in my 3.1 alpha version, there is no mapping attributes nodes.

All I got is attribute statistics, capture attribute and transfer attribute.

Theres a whole bunch more in this video, so what gives?

The video is blender 2.93, geometry nodes were completely rewritten in 3.0 up.

The whole workflow has changed and many nodes have been depreciated in favour of the new fields system.

I recommend you do not watch any pre 3.0 tutorials as they are outdated.

If you want to do this exact video you have to use the legacy nodes system (work with 2.93), I would not recommend it as you are learning to use nodes and workflows that no longer exist!

A setup like this will give you a similar displacement effect with the new nodes and is much clearer to read.

The first multiply node is a simple “math” node the second is a “vector math” node.
You and add vector math nodes after the position node to move (use an add node) or rotate (vector rotate node).

Thank´s DNorman.

I was thinking that sort of, old stuff, the newer version works a bit different but I wasn´t sure.
I actually had that setup you have in the screenshot, also for fractals, and tried to switch to an image map, but I must have forgotten how to set the normals properly.

I have to figure out a sample bitmap displace on a grid, but the location/mapping isn´t working properly.
I will get back on that tomorrow.

Thank´s for your input so far.